Model Leadership Code

Ref: 22ndd Australasian and Pacific Regional Ombudsman Conference - The Model Leadership Code for Pacific Countries

"1. Purpose 1. The purpose of this Code is to give effect to the Biketawa Declaration of 29 October 2000 by setting out a Model Leadership Code to guide and govern the conduct of the Leaders of the people of the nation.

"5.5 Every Leader therefore:

"5.5.1 must uphold the laws and regulations of the nation;

"5.5.2 must respect, support and enforce the decisions of courts and independent tribunals;

"5.5.3 must respect and carry out lawful instructions and lawfully-established policies;

"5.5.4 must observe and comply with both the letter and the spirit of the laws, by interpreting every law on the presumption that it was made for the public benefit, and by not taking advantage of mere formalities or technicalities to nullify the obvious intention for which a law was made;

"5.5.5 must disclose any fraud, corruption and maladministration of which the official becomes aware.

"5.5.6 must not influence, exert pressure on, threaten or abuse persons carrying out their lawful duties.

"5.5.7 must not misuse any legal immunity or privilege as a cloak or shield for behaviour of a lower ethical standard than that which that Leader or the public would expect of the average citizen.

Value: Respect for the people on whose behalf Leaders exercise power

5.7 Public power belongs to the people and is entrusted to Leaders to exercise it on their behalf and for their benefit.11

5.7.1 Leaders who exercise power primarily for their own benefit, or to the detriment of the public benefit, betray the people's trust and take from the people what is rightfully theirs.