The Court may set its own orders

“In Craig v. Kanssen Lord Greene M.R. set aside an order purportedly made under the rules of the Court after examining the distinction between orders that are nullities and those which are only irregularities.

Lord Greene stated

“These cases to me establish that a person who is affected by an order which can properly be described as a nullity is entitled ex debito justitiae to have it set aside. So far as procedure is concerned, it seems to me that the court in its inherent jurisdiction can set aside its own order and it is not necessary to appeal it.”

From WBDE 8 January 2006 Application for ex debito justitiae [PDF], that:

there was entitlement to “ex debito justitiae to have that judgement set aside as a nullity, and having no legal effect…”


”The Court should set its own Order.”